Sweet Self Care

Sweet Self Care

We’re all spending much more time at home and on our screens these days. Perhaps you’ve been binging up on old episodes of Friends, mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, picking up a new instrument, or dusting off that cookbook to finally take a stab at baking gluten free bread from scratch?

How have you found time for self care?

Although we are a healthy snacking company who believes that nourishing our bodies with the highest quality organic ingredients is paramount, we also value looking at health through a holistic lense. There is more to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, beyond our spoons.

4 sweet self care tips to try this week

Move your body: Try adding some jump squats into your routine everytime you go into the kitchen to grab a snack or finish off your workday with a solo dance party (like no one's watching). These are always permitted and are bound to leave you with the biggest smile on your face!

Laugh with friends : Facetime or phone calls. As they say, laughter truly is the best medicine!

Maintain a gratitude journal: Write down 3 things you're grateful for at the start of each day. This is a simple yet powerful way to increase your daily levels of happiness!

Rest and recharge: Just as you wouldn’t leave your phone without charge, it's essential to charge your body and your mind so that you can perform at your highest potential each day.

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